Christine Pybus

At Perfume Point

Painted following lunch, just outside the fabulous 'Boardwalk' restaurant along the coast from Napier City. A 6" x 8" sketch with that fascinating black (purple) sand giving wonderful contrast to the figures.

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Exhibitions 2018


With one more 'Leisure Painter' article in the pipeline and another yet to write, my next exhibtions are 8th September, The Fylingdales Exhibition in Whitby and late October is Art For Youth UK at Topcliffe near Thirsk. In-between are various exhibitions at galleries, including The Russell gallery, Putney ...Chantry House, Ripley, Harrogate ...The Coast Gallery, Burniston, Scarborough...The Art Cafe, Whitby ....and others.    Do contact me if you want further details.…

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Late Afternoon Across the EskAt Perfume Point